Chattooga Area Scanner List


RECEIVE SERVICE 53.190 Fort Payne Alabama Six Meter Repeater 146.520 The "National" Two Meter Simplex Frequency. 146.550 My favorite Simplex Two Meter frequency. 146.940 Floyd County 2-Meter Repeater in Rome GA. 147.135 N4BZJ 2-Meter Repeater in Dalton Ga. 147.225 CWARC 2-Meter Repeater in Summerville 147.270 Ft.Payne Al Two Meter Repeater 147.300 Another Two Meter Repeater in Rome Georgia. 147.320 CCARC 2-Meter Repeater in Cherokee Co. AL. 151.130 Walker Co. Sheriff (Repeater) 153.410 Summerville City Fire Dept (Repeater) 153.740 Prisons 153.830 Walker County Fire Depts. Fire Ground 153.995 Summerville Police (Repeater) 154.070 Chattooga Co. Fire Channel 2 (Fire Ground) 154.175 Walker Co. Fire and Rescue 154.280 Georgia Mutual Aid ( Fire Depts.) 154.370 Rome Fire and Rescue (Repeater) 154.400 Fort Payne Al. Fire Dept. (Repeater) 154.400 Whitfield County Fire Dispatch 154.680 Georgia State Patrol 154.725 Whitfield Co. Sheriff 154.770 Summerville Police (private) Ch.16 154.800 Georgia State Patrol 154.815 GBI-7 154.845 Chattooga Co. Fire 154.875 Lafayette GA. Police 154.905 Sheriff (Georgia State Wide) 154.935 Sheriff (Georgia State Wide) 155.010 Alabama Law Mutual Aid 155.040 Cherokee Al. Emergency Management Agency 155.070 Chattooga Co. Sheriff (Repeater) 155.130 Dalton Police Dispatch 155.190 Dade Sheriff 155.310 Walker Co. Police Operations 155.340 Hospitals Nationwide 155.355 Cherokee Co. Alabama EMS / Rescue 155.475 National Law Enforcement Emergency Frequency 154.905 Walker Sheriff (private) Ch. 16 155.505 GBI-2 155.595 Cherokee Al. Sheriff Dept. 155.910 GSP Metro Atlanta 155.9175 (New Fire Freq. Chattooga) 158.2125 (New Fire Freq. Chattooga) 158.400 Chattooga Sheriff (private) ch.16 158.850 Rome Police 159.090 Trion Police 159.150 Catoosa Sheriff 159.360 Georgia Forestry Service 159.390 Georgia Forestry Service 159.690 Chattooga EMS (Repeater) 160.065 Cherokee Al. Sheriff Dept repeater 160.455 Local Rail Road 160.500 Local rail Road 160.695 Local Rail Road 162.450 NOAA WEATHER RADIO in Summerville 444.400 The WA4OHM 440 Repeater in Cherokee Al. 453.050 Cherokee Al. County Fire 453.300 Floyd Co. Police (Repeater) 453.325 Chattooga Co. Govt (Repeater) 453.4125 Air Flight Ambulance 453.500 Floyd Co. Police (Repeater) 453.5375 Summerville City Maintenance 453.700 Floyd Co. Police (Repeater) 460.050 Cherokee Al. Emergency Management Agency 461.775 Chattooga School System Repeater / School Bus This list is of the more common frequencies in service. There are some more interesting frequencies in the 150mhz to 160 mhz range that you can find by the search function on your scanner. On the new scanners with the installed tone boards, you might want the associated CTCSS tones with the listed frequencies.

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